Why eLearning Innovation is Thankful this year…

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When trying to put into words the top ten reasons she is thankful, President of eLearning Innovation, Laurie Pulido, compiled the following list:

  • A high quality staff who are reliable and steady characters in the company, carrying out our vision like they are on a mission. Especially those who enjoy taking on a challenge.
  • The families of our employees who support them when we have a crunch, because they understand the commitment we’ve made to this company and our clients. Without them, the company would not be able to grow.
  • An ever expanding and challenging market that continues to offer opportunity after opportunity. But more importantly, because of the opportunities presented to our company, I’m grateful every time I can give a new employee another opportunity. When we started this, the economy was on a downturn and I was able to put people back to work- which felt really good.
  • Repeat satisfied customers, especially those willing to give an endorsement and speak-up on our behalf.
  • Technology partners who have an unrelenting desire to learn new things.
  • The folks that we have who are out of the box and who bring vision, and aren’t afraid to share it.
  • The way people carry out the reputations of the company in their actions every day, and the standard that we hold.
  • No matter how much distance there is with all of us we carry out like we are in the same room.
  • We’ve gained enough traction that people are finding us, and the network that we’ve created has continued to grow this company – naturally and organically. This has allowed us to stabilize the work that we have by diversifying it, making the company stronger.
  • The enthusiasm that people have brought. It has been a domino effect, and with each new person who joins, another level of energy is added. It’s infectious!

The Staff at eLearning Innovation also wanted to share what they are thankful for:

I am thankful to everyone including co-workers for being patient and extremely helpful as I transition into my role as administrative assistant. – Lisa St. John

I am thankful for wine, coffee and chocolate cake (in no particular order). I am thankful for my wonderful friends and co-workers. I am thankful for warm summer days on the beach. Most of all I am thankful for my loving and supportive family. (Oh and am thankful for my holy day of shopping this Friday with no children!) – Gina Limperis

Professionally, I am thankful for the variety of EI projects and clients. Every day I learn and develop in my profession and am grateful for the EI culture that supports such growth. Personally, I am thankful for the health and happiness of my wonderful family and friends. I am blessed daily with stories and giggles that melt my heart and help me stay grounded and appreciative of all that life has to offer. –Kristin Koepke

I am thankful to be surrounded by so many loving people in my life. I appreciate having a job that allows me to work from home and to be working with people that I consider to be friends. I am also grateful for all of the important things that I have in my life that money can’t buy. –Erin Terry

I am thankful for the blessing of each and every new day I have and for the people that I am able to share that day with; especially my family, friends. colleagues and clients. –Janet Shivell

I’m thankful to work with clients who are committed to make a difference in the world. Whether we’re developing an elearning program for first-generation college students, creating an online toolkit to support tobacco-free youth, or designing multimedia tools to help students minimize debt, I feel blessed that, in some small way, my work is having a positive impact. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to with committed, caring people who genuinely care about each other, our projects, and our clients. And yes I’m very thankful to work at from home in my pjs.– Kim Zartman

I’m incredibly thankful each and every day our clients entrust us to assist their learners. Whether it is offering learners the convenience of training anywhere at any time, creating strong young community advocates or coaching teens through their college years I am truly grateful for the opportunity to reach so many people in meaningful way. –Magen Leighton

I am thankful for working with coworkers and clients who are so supportive and willing to put in the work to reach a successful product that we can be proud of. – Rebecca Walmer

I am thankful for our clients who take time our of their busy schedules, and find pleasure in creating curriculum, that is not only challenging, but also relatable to real-life experiences that any person may face within their work place. The courses created at SNHU truly promote hands on experiences for students to utilize for any occupation and/or subject area. – Heather Marino

I’m thankful to have been given an opportunity to be part of this amazing company. Having worked in Higher Education for the last decade, focusing my career path toward what I got my degree in is not only energizing, but completely fulfilling. I’m also thankful that it allows me to work from home and spend more quality time with my family, avoiding what was my typical 1+ hour commute each way for the last ten years! – Christina Young

I’m thankful for the chance to honor old traditions, make new ones, create memories and share good times with family and friends, who I consider family! – Katherine Meyer

I am thankful for working with such a great group of people. Working in such a collaborative and supportive environment is truly rewarding. – Nicole Marino

I’m thankful to work for a company that truly values innovation, to be part of a virtual team that understands I’m not at my best at 9 am (or even 10 am or that matter), and to live with an incredible man who brings me coffee and sustenance when I’m stuck in my chair! – Sylvia Eastman

I’m thankful for those dear friends who are always “there”, even if not in proximity, and we can laugh and be in the moment no matter where we are in our lives, happy or sad; lonely or in love; in illness and in health. – Annesa Hartman

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