Why Do Your University’s Online Programs Need Helpdesk Services?

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If we asked you why it is you do what you do, like most universities, students would likely be your first answer, right? Because without your students, what is it that a university stands for?

We agree with you. And servicing those students, providing a well-rounded, thought-provoking, and genuinely-supported experience for each one is probably also at the top of your goal list, right? We thought so.

eLearning Online Course Support provides excellent Helpdesk Services to universities across the United States. Our goal is to provide high-quality support that is personalized and effective. As a client, you’ll be provided a dedicated Online Course Support (OCS) Center, which is a dynamic site that we encourage users to access in order to submit tickets, conduct system checks, or access self-help knowledgebase articles 24/7/365. Each client is also assigned a dedicated support team that is tasked with learning about your organization and specific protocols.

Who are our clients?

We have the pleasure of partnering with a wide variety of colleges and universities, who have joined us in the movement of putting users first!Oklahoma City Community CollegeSan Mateo Community College DistrictUSA-GymnasticsUnited Methodist CommunicationsAmerican Sentinel University, and Cornerstone University are just a few of our clients who understand the importance of student satisfaction and the role it plays in retention and university adoption. Our clients understand that supporting their students doesn’t have to be a hefty investment of resources, time, or commitment from their current staff. If you are currently thinking about how to support your ever-growing online course demand in a way that is affordable, effective, and efficient, then let’s talk!

What’s it really costing you?

Looking at your current support structure, how are you differentiating the support you provide online to the support you provide on campus? The packages that eLearning Online Course Support offers hold a variety of support hours to cover the needs of your online users. With our premium package, your users will get around-the-clock support from certified technicians who are trained to represent you and your users in a personalized, professional, and comprehensive way. Your dedicated Online Course Support Center will put the control in your users’ hands—they’ll be able to do things like access self-help tools, view available channels of support in real-time, submit tickets, and review open and past cases 24/7/365.

If you are currently providing Helpdesk Support in-house, review what it’s actually costing you. How many students do you have working the program? How many advisors? Are any of the advisors or administrators who are tasked to providing support also tasked to the everyday operation of the university? Does providing Helpdesk internally actually take away time that could be spent in improving success in other areas? Additionally, under the model you are currently providing, how long does a student wait for a response? Can you guarantee your response time? Can you provide support 24 hours a day? How much is spent on training? What are you paying for infrastructure, ticket management, and FAQ management?

To hire one qualified full-time employee at $10/hour, it would cost an average of $20,000/year. That one resource would be limited in how much time that one employee could commit and how many cases the employee could resolve at a single time. Not to mention the cost of training and management needs.

With our Helpdesk services, you get an entire team (3-7 Level 1 Reps, 1-3 Level 2 Reps, a Helpdesk Director, and an entire Quality Assurance and Documentation team), many of whom work simultaneously to provide your users with help.

Additionally, our team members are FERPA- and security-certified as well as trained in advanced Learning Management Systems and the use of hundreds of desktop applications all geared to support your eLearning environment.

Want more information?

If you like what you’ve read so far and think that eLearning Online Course Support could be just what your college or university needs, contact us today to set up the initial call/consultation. We’ll walk you through our process, step-by-step, work to find you a package that accommodates your needs, and get you that much closer to better supporting your students. Email us today at: helpdesksales@elearninginnovation.com or call 1-844-4elearn (1-844-435-3276). Additional information can be found at our website:www.elearninginnovation.com.

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