Why A Virtual Workforce?

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In today’s day and age, more and more companies are considering telecommuting practices: how they affect their staff’s morale, effectiveness, and ability to produce. eLearning Innovation is proud to state that we’ve been a virtual workforce since 2003, fully taking advantage of the benefits telecommuting offers.

Unlimited Talent Pool
Not only are we able to tap from talent across the United States, but our employees have been able to work from around the world as well. We have employees located in New England, Florida, Wisconsin, Nevada, Ohio, Indiana, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, and even Canada. There have been times in the last year that employees have worked abroad from Australia and Switzerland as well. There aren’t concerns regarding a commute, or even the cost of living. Our employees create a schedule of hours that is agreed upon with their supervisor, and that works to accommodate our clients. This flexibility provides such an important work-life balance it has been a true test of retention and recruitment for EI employees. In fact, as we’ve scaled the company over the last few years, we’ve been able to hire talented people through current employees who are so happy with their jobs at EI that they have recommended a position at EI to others and we have recruited through their advocacy.

Nature Of The Job
Some might argue that telecommuting only serves its place in certain fields, and as eLearning Innovation is an online learning solution provider, it would make sense that our company is particularly suited to host a virtual workforce. However, so often we meet others in different fields who also feel they might benefit from working from home. Though some may argue that face-to-face meetings are more productive than a conference call, we would beg to differ. For instance, tools such as Go-To Meeting and Skype both offer video conferencing on which real-time face-to-face meetings can be held. Look at how many meetings you’ve had in the last week and ask yourself if being in the same room with others really put you at an advantage—or was it merely just a convenience? Could the meetings have been just as successful if held via Skype or over the phone? At EI, there are elements to our work that need to be done in person with clients, such as introductions, initial meetings, or trainings, but other than those standard operating procedures, most of the rest of the work can easily be done virtually. Further, all our documentation is stored in shared Dropbox or Google docs, and this cloud-based storage allows us easy access to all employees without the need to host a server.

This ability to work virtually offers an important perspective for our Instructional Designers and Technical Developers who spend the majority of their time creating courses online. It provides a unique understanding of what it means to be online, and the importance of producing engaging and interesting material.

The Obvious
Work-life balance is by far the most obvious benefit from having a virtual workforce. At EI, employees work with their supervisors to determine the hours that accommodate their schedules best. For instance, we employ parents who might need to get their children off the bus at 3pm. These employees might log-on at 7am, work until the kids get off the bus, and, if need be, handle whatever additional needs came up while they were away after the kids have gone to bed or the next morning when they log-on again. All EI employees understand that flexibility is honored as long as it doesn’t affect the relationship with the clients, and all employees have accommodated the clients in a way that this sort of schedule has rarely, if ever, initiated any conflicts. The ability to throw a load of laundry in between meetings isn’t going to affect anyone’s productivity level. On the contrary, we have found that this very flexibility has created a sense of loyalty and efficiency because our employees are able to work everyday life needs into their work schedules.


Want to Work Virtually?

Are you a creative thinker who is highly motivated and self-directed? In your spare time, are you learning new things? Do you believe a virtual working world is expansive? Do you want to help a passionate leader and her innovative team challenge the world of online learning? eLearning Innovation has open positions listed on the Career Page of our website. If you have any interest in getting involved with EI in a full-time or contractor position, please contact hr@elearninginnovation.com.

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