eLOCS – Helpdesk

We have the honor of providing excellent support services to numerous organizations nationwide. Not only have we mastered providing quality personalized service, we’ve managed to do it while keeping our services competitively priced!

Operating since 2001, our helpdesk, called eLOCS, offers a scalable team of experienced and highly-trained professionals who provide exceptional support that is personalized and 100% relevant to the user’s situation. Whether your organization has 40 or 400,000 users, our unique model allows us to deliver top-notch support that is proven to ensure a smoother elearning experience for users.

End-User Helpdesk Package

Whether your organization uses Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace (D2L), or another LMS solution, our offerings include:

  • Phone, chat, and email support
  • A customized Online Course Support (OCS) Center, where users can access support resources, complete system checks, and submit tickets 24/7/365
  • An experienced team of individuals who are educated in a technical background and have completed extensive customer service, security (FERPA, Internet, etc.), and LMS-focused trainings
  • A Helpdesk manager who manages internal protocols and staffing needs
  • A dedicated Quality Assurance team, who reviews all ticket interactions
  • A Documentation Specialist who creates custom protocols and manages updates
  • And more…

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They work each issue individually, hold the user’s hand, and walk them through their issue until they reach a solution. They always exceed my expectations!

Jasmine WithamSan Mateo Community College District