Hitchiner Manufacturing

Hitchiner Manufacturing, the premier supplier of metal casting, needed a self-paced, online training module that would provide a comprehensive overview of finance and accounting, and explore quantitative methods of financial analysis. As a result, we provided the following:

  • Training Development: We created a comprehensive, interactive training course, designed for an audience of top-level and mid-level employees.
  • Multimedia: Our team created mobile compatible, scenario-based interactive exercises that fostered learning and engagement.
  • Instructional Design: We developed a self-paced course, which included formative self-tests to allow employees to assess and reinforce understanding, and a final summative knowledge check.
  • Production Services: We provided LMS integration services and ensured that data on test results and course progress was communicated to the LMS through SCORM.

Final Product: We provided a full service end-to-end solution, including course development, LMS integration, course registration, and LMS helpdesk services.